Net4DBackup is sold using a licensing process. It means that depending on the option you choose, the availability period could be different. The unlimited license means that you'll never have to renew it.

For more info send us a message to

Important : To get the "PIN Code", you have to do the following steps :
  • Get the latest version of Net4DBackup,
  • Make a backup of your database,
  • Install the Net4DBackup component into your database using 4D Insider,
  • Execute "nbk_Parameters" method, go to the last tab (License) get the PIN code.


License for Net4DBackup


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FREE - Three months license


Six months license


Unlimited license


  Total dont TVA à 19,6 %
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Please fill this form and send it. You will receive a confirmation mail to validate your order. If you want to accelerate the code delivering process, send your payment to :
MICWARE Consultants
- 92, bd de Stalingrad - 94400 Vitry Sur Seine - France