Net4DBackup 2.0 is an efficient and easy to use component for 4th Dimension 6.7 and superior which automates backups on local and remote volumes. The new 2.0 release adds an incredible database synchronization function and many improvements and simplified integration methods.

The local

A clean and comprehensive interface helps you to install and configure Net4DBackup parameters.

Up to 4 sources of local copies including the 4D Data folder can be specified.

Backup can target local, extractible or network volumes. The ability to type the pathname allows to specify an unknown volume.

Transparent backups use triggers on 4D Server.

"Frequency", "Only modified files", "Count of version", "Days to backup", lets you customize the backup behaviour.

Ablility to launch immediately the backup process with the "Backup Now" option as well as direct modification of the next backup scheduling parameters.

The remote

An interesting function of Net4DBackup consists in the ability to backup your datas on a FTP server using the standard Internet protocols.

Independant sources allows you to specify differents datas to backup for local and remote process.

A valuable compression method lets you reduce by twice or more the size of the uploaded files.

If you have a proxy or a firewall, Net4DBackup offers the ablility to configure these parameters.

A new FTP restore dialog lets you browse all your backups and restore only the files you want.

Additionnaly, you'll be able to delete the remote files eliminating the use of an FTP client utility.

A new window controler shows the processes state and give the ability to switch them.

Net4DBackup is not another backup software keeping your memory or slowing your computer. It is totally integrated in your database taking the best of your 4D environment.

Net4DBackup is a great and affordable solution for DBA and 4th Dimension developers who wants to include a simple and powerful way to backup their databases safely.

The database

This function brings a powerful real-time data synchronisation between two or multiple databases. No code or fields to add in your structure.

It is very simple to integrate into your database using the wizard dialog and a trigger method call.

Synchro adds the ability to specify the proxy parameters.